KatyKaty is a nice young lady who dreams of becoming a fashion designer or a fashion model someday. Her passion for fashion always shows in the way she dresses and the way she carries her clothes. Unlike most teenagers who are insecure and shy, Katy is self-confident yet humble. She was raised well by her parents, making her a self-assured, polite, smart, and kind young lady.

Unlike most teens that have no interest in their studies, Katy is an academic achiever. She likes joining poem-making contests and essay-writing contests at school and almost always gets the highest award. She is smart because she likes to read both academic and non-academic books.Kate Working in a Restaurant

During her free time, she reads books like the Twilight and Harry Potter Series. She has a crush on Harry Potter and wonders if she will ever find a guy like Edward Cullen in real life. She also likes watching movies with her friends. They rent DVDs and have a movie marathon whenever they have a sleep over or a pajama party. Their all-time favorite movies are High School Musical and Legally Blonde. They are such a fan of Zac Efron and Justine Bieber. Katy prefers Zac though.

Katy often travels with her family but she often goes out and travels with her friends too— of course, with her parents’ permission. She likes going to the beach with her pals, swimming, sunbathing, and playing beach volleyball. She is not a very sporty girl but she likes volleyball and she is good at it.

Despite not being so sporty, Katy can dance well—which is why she was chosen to be one of the cheerleaders in her school. Nonetheless, Katy is more passionate about singing. She is a better singer than a dancer. The way she sings can make anyone mesmerized.

KatyKaty is also a good painter. She hangs her masterpieces on a wall in her room which she calls the “Art Wall”. She likes doing abstract painting because she can express her feelings and emotions by making it, just like when she sings.

It may not be obvious if you look at her figure, but Katy is a definite food lover. She loves to cook and eat her favorite foods like pizza, pasta, ice cream, fried chicken, burrito, fried potatoes, pancakes, crepe, and baked macaroni. Having any of these will definitely make her day.Katy and Kate go shopping

Katy has a best friend named Kate who shares nearly all of her hobbies and interests. They have been best friends since they were little kids and they get along really well. They always tell their secrets to each other. Actually, they are more like sisters than best friends. Kate, who is the less refined of the two, calls Katy her “sister from another mother”.

Aside from Katy’s unique personality and outstanding talents, she also has admirable beauty. She has long brown hair, light blue eyes, and a really cute smile. This is why many boys admire her— secretly and openly (some are too vocal about it, actually). But her heart is only for Karl, her boyfriend, her Edward Cullen.