Katy – Working in a Restaurant

kate Working in a RestaurantSummer vacation is here! This means Katy will be having fun in the sun with her boyfriend Karl and best friend Kate. They have so many plans for summer and she can hardly wait for their trip to the beach.

However, Katy has a problem. She failed to save money for her summer vacation and her parents will not be giving her any allowance during school break. She doesn’t want to miss all of the fun trips with her friends so she decided to get a summer job.

Because of her passion for food, great cooking skills, pretty face, and pleasing personality, Katy got a part-time job at the fancy restaurant in their city. She works there every night on weekdays, sometimes as a chef and sometimes as a waitress.

She can earn a lot of money from her part-time job— more than enough for the summer getaway with her friends. So, she is planning to save the extra money thkate Working in a Restaurantat she will have when summer vacation is over. Her parents are very proud of how independent and responsible Katy has become.

Likewise, the guests and customers are really pleased with Katy’s service. When there are VIP guests in the restaurant— such us prominent politicians and popular celebrities who visit their city— the manager always assigns Katy to be the waitress. The people also love the yummy, savory, and appetizing dishes that she always whips up whenever she works as the chef. Some guests only go there when Katy is on duty as the chef. She is the star of the restaurant.

Katy hangs out with her friends, especially with Karl and Kate in the morning. Karl accompanies her to the restaurant for her night shift. He often has dinner with his friends in the restaurant so he can see Katy and have her deliciously prepared meals for dinner. He also likes to admire how beautiful her girlfriend looks while working in the restaurant. His friends who are also members of the basketball team envy him whenever they see Katy elegantly wearing different styles of clothing, classy jewelries, and different hairdos.

Of course, given the cool fashion sense of Katy and with the help of her equally fashionable best friend Kate, she is able to wear different outfits to work— all equally stylish, making her look stunning. Over the weekend, Kate and Katy plan what Katy will wear every night for the whole week. Sometimes, they stick to the simple yet chic style by tying Katy’s long brown hair into two cute buns and wearing dark colored clothes. Occasionally, they go for the ingenious and modern style by wearing different colored wigs and brightly colored clothes with nice patterns.

Katy is very happy that she was able to work in the restaurant and still has the time to hang out with her best friend and spend quality time with her boyfriend. She is so grateful that all of her loved ones are very supportive. This is why she is planning to give them gifts out of the big money she will earn from working in the restaurant.