Katy – Valentine’s day

Katy Valentine's DayIt was that very special day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Kate and Katy were in class, and Katy was daydreaming all through class imagining what Karl would have in store for her. She knew he was planning something, because he promised her their first Valentine’s would be special. She wanted to pay attention, but she could allow herself one day a year when she wasn’t all there. During class Kate received a note from a secret admirer and a sheepish smile appeared on her face as she blushed.

The bell ring couldn’t come soon enough and when it finally did, Katy jumped up to go and meet Karl. He was waiting for her in front of the school. He grabbed her hand, and she felt kind of good knowing that everyone saw he was her boyfriend. When she asked Karl where they were going, Karl was being sly and evasive. He didn’t want to tell her, and that got her even more excited. They went through the park to the park holding hands, joking around on a very beautiful and sunny day for February. There was some snow left from the long winter, but the sun was shining bright with an orange color.
Katy Valentine's Day
After a half an hour long walk they finally made it at the pier. Karl brought her to the faire. While some people might think that this was a little bit cliché, or corny, Katy didn’t. Katy loved the fair, the cotton candy, the Ferris Wheel, the Haunted House and all of the stands, and Karl knew it. They started making the round by the stands. The first stand they got to was a hoop stand, Karl’s specialty. He starts scoring hoop after hoop, and after just one try he got a perfect score. So Katy ended up with a small teddy and a large pink hippo with an apron on.

Next came the Haunted House. A man dressed in a raggedy tuxedo and with a top hat on welcomed them and asked for their ticket. “Welcome” he said “to your DOOOOOOOOOM!” and then he cackled like a mad man. He really sold it and pretty soon they were in the dark. After a few scares, Katy was clinging to Karl. She wasn’t really that scared, she just wanted to hold him. Once they were out, they were eating delicious cotton candy straight from the stick.

Then it came time for Katy’s favorite ride: the Ferris Wheel. They’ve got on and the wheel slowly started turning. Karl put her arm around her, and Katy grabbed him by the waist and rested her head on his shoulder. As they were going higher and higher, the whole city came into view with the sun setting behind it. It was starting to get cooler outside, and once they reached the top the Wheel stopped. Karl’s cousin was working at the controls. Then Karl looked at Katy and kissed her in the most romantic place in the world.