Katy going to a Party

Katy going to the PartyThe school year is about to end and the students are planning for their much awaited year ender party. Everyone is very excited. They can’t wait to have fun and release the stress they have accumulated throughout the entire school year.

Katy is eager to spend time with her boyfriend Karl and her best friend Kate. She finds herself imagining the fabulous outfit that she and Kate will wear to the party. She also blushes whenever she imagines herself dancing with Karl in the party.

However, it seems that her daydreams will not come true. Karl told her that he cannot attend the year ender party. He has to attend his basketball training at the same night to prepare for the final game of the school year. Katy knows that the final game is very important to Karl. So, she just thought that she could still go with Kate. Unfortunately, Kate told her that she is leaving before the day of the party to travel with her parents to London.

Katy felt sad but she decided that she should still go to the party with her other friends. To make up for her absence, Kate helped her choose her outfit. They had so many things in mind. They came up with several combinations of dresses, shoes, and jewels. Of course, Katy chose the loveliest outfit.Katy going to the Party

The night of the party arrived and everyone’s eyes were on Katy as she entered the venue. Most of the boys looked at her in plain admiration while many of the girls examined her from head to toe with an envious look on their faces. Katy didn’t mind them at all. She found her friends and she joined them. Each of them complimented Katy’s beautiful attire.

It was dinner time and she’s starting to miss Kate. Chatting with her is just more enjoyable than talking to her other friends. As they were eating, Kate entered the place to Katy’s surprise. She said that their flight got delayed and that they will leave the day after the party. Katy was so happy. Kate joined her and their other friends. They were chatting over dinner when the party music started to play. The others stood up and found their dancing partners.

Two cute guys approached Kate and Katy. Kate stood up as one of the guys held her hand and asked her to dance. She looked at Katy who was then telling the other guy that she cannot dance with him because her boyfriend might feel bad about it. Kate felt bad for her best friend. She didn’t want her to be alone so she also turned down the other guy’s offer and stayed with Katy.

As they sat down watching the others dance with their partners, two handsome young men entered the hall. Katy was so surprised to see Karl walking in with another guy. Karl rushed to Katy and hugged her. He said their training finished earlier than expected and that he was so happy to find Katy not dancing with another guy. Karl brought along his friend from another school whom he introduced to Kate. The four of them then danced the night away.