Katy going to the Park

Katy go to the ParkKaty has been busy with school lately. There are exams lined up and she has several projects to finish. As if the situations couldn’t get any worse than it already is, her teachers imposed a strict deadline which left her with no free time.

For the past few days (and nights) she worked non-stop. Katy is such a hard worker. She always puts her school work first. After a few days of studying without even going out— her only way to relax was to watch some of her favorite TV shows for a couple of hours each day— her parents started to worry and asked her to relax and take it easy. She said she’s fine. She’s almost done with studying for the exams and she will be going out in a day or two.

After a couple of days, Katy was ready to take her much needed break. She wanted to have a date with Karl. She called him but he said that he’s not yet done studying for their exam. So she called Kate and asked her if she wants to go shopping at the mall. Kate said she still needed to work on her project. She wants it to be super artistic. Without her boyfriend and best friend to accompany her, Katy just decided to stay at home and watch TV. During the commercial break of her favorite TV show, she saw an ad about the new park. And it’s just a few minutes’ walk away from where she lives!Katy go to the Park

Since her boyfriend and best friend cannot go with her and her parents are at the office, Katy decided to go to the park alone. She really wanted to see if the park is as good as what was shown in the TV advertisement. But, of course, she couldn’t go there without planning a fashionable wardrobe for her solo trip and adventure. She just went shopping with Kate a week ago so she had lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories to choose from.

After choosing a suitable outfit for her trip, she dressed up and went off to the park. When she reached the park and saw the entrance, she was so surprised. The entrance alone looks so nice that she’s so excited to see what’s inside. Much to her surprise, the entrance fee is very cheap too! She thought it’s probably because they just opened and they want more people to visit the park.

What she saw inside the park was pure wonderland, as if it was a missing part of some paradise. There were very lovely flowers of various kinds, some she hasn’t seen before. There was a winding path lined with beautiful autumn trees where couples walk hand in hand. She would definitely love to take a walk there with Karl! There is a spacious playground for children and a big clean pond where various fishes swim. There was even a small coffee shop inside the park. On the walls of the coffee shop are fabulous paintings. That coffee shop (and that park) would definitely be adored by Kate! Katy can’t wait to bring Karl and Kate to the lovely park.