Katy in Halloween

Katy in HalloweenIt was Halloween, and Katy, Kate and Karl were hanging out at Katy’s house. They were preparing for Halloween. Karl was carving pumpkins, Kate was preparing decorations, spider webs and paper mache skulls, and Katy was setting everything up. Katy’s parents went out for the evening leaving them to their own devices. Everything was coming along nicely and the house was getting creepier and creepier. The corners were filled with spider webs, jelly eyeballs were floating in bowls of punch, gravestones were set up in front of the door, skeletons were hanging from the ceiling and pumpkins were filled with candies.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Trick or Treat” said three kids. One was dressed as a mummy, one as a vampire and one as a werewolf. They each got some Snickers, candies and Skittles. They seemed happy with their loot, they bowed and left. Soon, another knock on the door, and then another. They were visited by clowns, robots, ghosts, giant babies, superheroes and all sorts of kids dressed in great costumes. They were running out of candy fast. Luckily, Katy’s parents showed up just in time with more.

With the parents home, it was time for the second part of the trio’s night to start: the Halloween party at school. Kate and Karl went home resolving to meet again later at school. Katy started on her costume. She knew it would take a lot of preparation to get the costume done so she started right away. Tons of make-up were in front of her and all sorts of costumes were laying on the bed. After about an hour or so she was ready. She looked a little spooky, but with just the right amount of cute.Katy in Halloween

She phoned Kate and Karl and they were ready as well, so she set off for school. The party was at the gymnasium, and she just met up with Karl who was dressed-up as a vampire and with Kate who was dressed as a zombie princess. At the party, one of their friends was dressed as a plumber with a red hat and a moustache, two of them were sporting a unicorn costume, were one was the tail and one was the head and two of their friends were a monster with four legs, four hands and two heads. They were sweating profusely and they had to leave the party early though.

They soon started dancing, and they were joined by mushrooms, princesses, boxers, guys in hockey masks with bloody cleavers in their hands. They danced all night, ate pizza and pumpkin pie and drank all of the punch they wanted. At one point a slow dance started and Katy and Karl danced with each other, while Kate danced with a dragon. The night was one for the books, and Katy won the best costume overall with Kate coming in at a close second. Truly, it was a Halloween to remember.

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