Katy going to the Zoo

Katy in the ZooKaty was at school and her last class for the day was Biology. Their teacher, Ms. Blossom, announced that she will be assigning the topics for their individual project. They have to research on the topic that will be assigned to them. Every student tensed up, anxious of what their research topic would be. Katy was nervous too but excited at the same time because she likes researching.

Ms. Blossom called out Katy’s name and said that she will be researching on animal behaviour. Katy was so happy with her topic! She likes animals and observing them will be really enjoyable for her. However, she only has a pet fish in their aquarium at home and she knew that observing fishes alone is not enough for her research on animal behaviour. She realized that she must visit the zoo so she can observe more animals.

Katy decided to visit the local zoo every day for the entire week so she can do a good and detailed research for her project. Needless to say, she has to plan her wardrobe for the week. It should be fashionable and stylish but suitable to the environment in the zoo.Katy in the Zoo

On her first day in the zoo, she wore chic and comfortable clothes so she won’t have difficulty walking around the zoo and familiarizing herself with the place. She was still a kid the last time she visited the zoo and a lot of things have changed. There are more animals than ever before and she is happy to see that their town was able to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of their local zoo.

After visiting the zoo for a couple of days, Katy started to befriend the caretakers of the animals and the zoo manager. Katy’s kindness and friendly personality was so hard for them to resist. They helped Katy on her research. They told her about the behaviour of the animals at night when the zoo is closed and Katy can’t observe them.

Katy was so happy to see the big elephants, the funny and witty chimps, various kinds of birds, different kinds of snakes, and many other animals. There was a place in the zoo where visitors are allowed to feed some animals. Katy observed how enthusiastic the animals were when they saw the visitors holding out the food.

There was also a place where the visitors are allowed to carry a big yellow snake. Katy was so scared but she wanted to overcome her fear and see how the snake would react if she holds it. With one big exhale and a lot of courage, she did it and was applauded by the people in the zoo. It was a very memorable experience for her. She was also surprised that the snake was at ease when she held it.

Because of all the time and effort she invested, Katy was able to come up with an excellent research. Ms. Blossom was very happy about it during their presentation and she gave Katy the highest grade. Her boyfriend Karl and best friend Kate were very proud of her. Katy was very happy.