Katy in Christmas

Katy in Christmas
Carollers were singing outside. Inside, it smelled of pine tree and oranges. The fire was roaring and everybody was drinking eggnog. Hearing the carols coming in from the window, Katy, Kate and Karl decided it was time for a very Merry Christmas and they’ve felt the need to spread joy around. All three of them loved to sing, so the decision to go carolling came naturally.

It was a very cold winter, with houses drenched in snow and streets paved with ice. The yellow lights of the street lights danced with the colours coming from the beautifully decorated houses. Katy and Kate started singing with Karl occasionally chiming in while sliding on the ice. All three of them jumped in the snow and started doing snow angels. Three snow angels looked at on goers while holding their hands, and Katy decided they would look a lot better with a smile on their face. A snow ball fight broke out, and the three started and broke alliances in a white war all the way to Karl’s house.

Karl came out with his acoustic guitar and started playing Joy to the World. As they walked and sang, they’ve realized they need more backup. So they started going to their classmates who lived in the area. As they went from house to house carolling, their friends would come up to the door with their parents. Several dozen cookies, turkeys and other delicious foods later the group grew drastically. There were over 16 friends with them and now they were official carollers. The next logical step was to pay a visit to their teachers.Katy in Christmas

They went to their wacky maths teacher’s house. He was a small, skinny man, with a big fluffy white moustache. He would lose his temper easily at school, but he had a very sharp sense of humour. His job was his life and he considered it a matter of integrity to do his job right. He worked them hard, but the kids loved him. He and his wife, a plump sweet little lady, welcomed them, and fed them sweets and fluffy cakes. Next was their English teacher, a tall, skinny woman with wrinkles and a stern look on her face. They meant the world to her and the fact that they visited her brought tears in her eyes. She had to stop herself from crying, and this moved all of them deeply.

When the night was almost over, they went to the skating ring. They were still singing, with Karl playing “The King of Carrot Flowers” on his guitar. The magical night, ended with Katy falling asleep without one thought about the presents that would be under her tree, partly because she was too tired and partly because she got the best gift of all: A Perfect Christmas.