Katy on the Beach

Katy on the BeachIt was summer, an unforgiving summer. There were only two places you could be, inside the house with the AC on, or at the beach. Katy was tired of studying and decided it was time for a little relaxation and sunshine. So she called Kate and Karl and they’ve decided to meet at the beach. Picking a bathing suit took a little time of trial and error, but she settled on her favourite. It was her favourite for a reason after all. Suntan lotion, check, towel check, refreshments, check. She was ready to go.

She was going by bus, and when she got there, Karl and Kate were already waiting for her at the bus stop. They were beaming. The day was truly beautiful, and it was about 5 P.M. so the sun was not burning mercilessly. Before they were going to lie down on the beach, they’ve decided to go on a stroll on the Boardwalk. It was filled with people in flip flops flopping on the sandy wood, wearing sunglasses and hats. Some were weirder than others: people on Seaways rolling with their dogs, kids on skateboards eating ice-cream shirtless with sugary drips on their chests, families of five with children running circles around their tired parents, tanned women in bikinis and built men with only their shorts on strutting around. Katy on the Beach

The man with the strange accent sold them the best corn-dogs they’ve ever eaten, and with them in hand they’ve went to the beach. The sand was golden and the people were shiny. They’ve sat down close to the ocean and after applying copious amount of sun block on themselves and on each other, they laid on their back soaking in the sun. Kate was reading, Karl looking around, but Katy just wanted to close her eyes and unwind for a while.

Soon enough, though, Karl got bored. “How about some volleyball?” he asked. “Sounds good” said Kate, “Come on sis, get up!” Katy was in no mood for jumping around. Kate gave up, and went into the water, but Karl had a solution. He borrowed a bucket from a child he befriended with an ice cream cone, went to the ocean, and came back with a bucket of relatively ice cold water. In a matter of second, Katy was on her feet chasing him all the way into the ocean. They were splashing each other, laughing, and Katy was in much more playful mood now.

Karl’s little friend joined them with a beach ball, and told them that he likes the taste of ants. The little guy was very happy to play with them and after a couple of hours, it was getting dark. They’ve parted way with the one Karl started calling “La Chupacabra” because of his eating habits. The kid loved that name and he roared as his mom as they were walking off. The three walked to the bus stop with new tans and smiles on their sun beaten faces. It was something they would have to repeat again soon.