Katy and Kate – Go Shopping

Katy and Kate go ShoppingKate and Katy haven’t seen each other for almost a week and they already have so many stories to tell each other. They really had some catching up to do. So, they agreed to do their usual mall shopping and bonding over the weekend.

They went to the Shopping Center, the biggest shopping mall in their city. Kate wanted to have a nice coffee so they stayed there for a while before they started shopping. Katy told Kate that she and Karl had their first kiss on their first date just a few days ago. Kate jumped out of her chair and shrieked in excitement and joy while all of the people in the coffee shop gave her a weird stare. The two apologized. Kate went back to her seat and tried to contain her excitement as she made muffled screams of joy while Katy told her the entire story.

Kate also told Katy that she met a really nice and cute guy in a painting exhibit that she attended just a few days ago. They introduced themselves to each other and they exchanged numbers. Kate said that the guy is inviting him for lunch. Katy advised her to go out with him. They talked about many other things before they decided to start shopping.

Of course, it’s fashion first when they started shopping. There was a big sale in the Shopping Center and the two were overjoyed! They bought several dresses, shoes, and accessories— even house clothes! They also tried out different colored wigs and hairstyles.

Kate noticed that the dressing room was renovated. It looks so elegant and classy now. So, she and Katy decided to take pictures of them wearing different clothes and hairstyles in the dressing room. Katy liked her look when she wore a short-hair wig. However, they doubt if Karl will like a short hairdo for her. Karl just adores her long hair. On the other hand, Kate wants to grow her hair longer. Being the artist that she is, she likes to play a lot with her hair. She usually changes her hairstyle every month.Katy and Kate go Shopping

Katy noticed that the Shopping Center now offers different styles of bags for the products purchased from them. The two were very happy. It meant that they do not have to walk around carrying lousy looking plastic bags that ruin their fashion style. They chose different colored bags that match their outfit. They realized that they can also reuse those stylish bags. And the best thing is it’s free of charge.

Katy also went grocery shopping. She wanted to prepare a delicious Filet Mignon Steak that weekend because Karl will be coming over to her house and will be having lunch with her family. When Katy mentioned “steak”, she saw the twinkle in Kate’s eyes so she asked her to join them, much to Kate’s delight.

When they got out of the Shopping Center, they took a picture of themselves carrying their lovely shopping bags. Katy said she will post it on Facebook. Kate agreed but she’s actually more excited about the steak they will be having for lunch the next day.