Katy and Karl – First Kiss

Katy and Karl First KissYoung love is the purest of all, as others would say. And there is definitely nothing sweeter than a first kiss. The same holds true for our lovely couple, Katy and Karl.

They have been a couple for more than a month now and they feel like it’s time for them to have their first kiss. Not the usual kiss on the cheeks, nose, or forehead, but a real romantic kiss on the lips. And they have decided to do it on their very first date as a couple.

Unfortunately, they have a big dilemma. They will be having their first date on the park and after that, they will go to the mall. Obviously, there are so many people— nosy and meddlesome people— in those places. The couple, especially Katy, does not want the public to witness their first kiss. It is a precious moment that they want to treasure and keep for themselves only. Besides, they do not like the thought of their parents getting mad if they find out that people watched them kiss.

Katy and Karl are too decent and shy to do a public display of affection. However, they have no choice but to proceed with their date and their plan to have their first kiss.

They met at the park. Karl looks dashing with his long-sleeved shirt and pants. He made extra effort in styling his hair for this big day. He wore his best smelling perfume which helped boost his confidence. Katy couldn’t help but blush at the sight of his handsome boyfriend. She looked down shyly when their eyes met and her lips showed a small yet meaningful smile.

On the other hand, Karl could not resist showing a big happy grin when he saw her beautiful fashionista girlfriend in an elegant blazer, knee high skirt, and high heels shoes. He could not help but notice how her beautiful brown hair accented her face and made her look even more gorgeous. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her look down and smile.Katy and Karl First Kiss

They walked closer to each other and said “Hi.” without breaking their eye contact. They were mesmerized by each other’s eyes as if they can see through it. They stared each other for a moment that felt like forever. Karl broke the silence by telling his plan to Katy. Since they do not want other people to see them kiss, he told her that they should kiss when nobody’s looking. Katy thought the idea is brilliant and she felt good to have such a smart boyfriend.

They observed the people and when the moment came when no one was looking, their lips hurriedly but gently met. They felt weak on the knees and wanted the moment to last forever. Their first kiss was better than how they imagined it to be.

When Katy noticed that a guy was about to look at them, she broke the kiss and they pretended like nothing was going on. They kissed again when no one was looking. They were so happy and they did the same thing when they went to the mall. They were able to kiss each other to their heart’s content without anyone seeing it.