KateKate is a simple, kind, respectful, and artistic young lady. She has been friends with Katy since they were children and it seems that they are going to be best friends forever because of how well they get along with each other. Most people are surprised to know that they are not real sisters, but they always say that they are “soul sisters”.

Moreover, they share most of the same hobbies and interests. Kate is the one who influenced and fuelled Katy’s interest in arts. She is a very good painter. She painted the walls in her room and all their friends are so envious about how beautiful her room is whenever they sleep over in her house.

Kate loves to eat just as much as Katy does. So, Katy taught her how to cook just like how she taught Katy how to paint. They have other friends but most of the time, it’s just the two of them who hang out together.

They always tell their secrets to each other. When it’s time to reveal a secret, they will go to their “secret lair” which is the attic of Katy’s house. They often hang out at Katy’s place because they have a room of their own in the attic. Katy’s parents treat Kate like their daughter and Kate’s parents treat Katy like their daughter as well.Kate

When Kate found out about Katy’s affection for Karl, she was very happy to know that her best friend is in love. Unlike many best friends who drift apart when one has found a partner, the two of them became even closer. Kate is very supportive of her best friend. She asked Karl to promise her that he will never hurt Katy ever.

Though Katy hopes that Kate will find a boyfriend soon, Kate currently does not seem to be interested with the matters of the heart. Her deep passion for the arts keep her occupied. She finds it unfair that most (if not all) popular painters are men. She wants to be a very popular painter someday. For now, she is satisfied with dreaming and pretending to be Isabela (Zac Efron’s girlfriend in the High School Musical movie series).

When they are not doing artworks, watching a movie, reading a book, or singing together, Kate and Katy are usually talking about fashion. Kate also loves fashion. For her, it’s another form of art.

On the other hand, Kate and Katy also have their differences. Unlike Katy who is usually quiet unless she has something to say, Kate is quite a talkative girl. She is very amiable and many people like her pleasing personality. Also, Kate loves skiing while Katy likes playing volleyball. Kate is a figure skater and she is really good at it.

Moreover, Kate loves Ice cream and coffee. She usually splurges her allowance by going to expensive coffee shops. She also loves to eat sweets, burgers, steaks, fries, hotdogs and sausages. People often wonder how she maintains her weight and figure.