Kate In The Park

Kate In The Park It was one of those dry-brained Sundays, the ones that come right before a Monday which happens to be both the beginning of a new school week and a deadline, and Kate sat there with a huge sheet of white paper in front of her, the second one of the day, and she didn’t dare to touch a brush to it, after throwing the first one in disgust. She was on her back on the bed, looking at the ceiling, staring at it with a blank mind. No thought would come to visit, Yvonne, her muse, didn’t speak and the walls wouldn’t tell her what to paint.

Suddenly she was on her feet. Something had to change. No ideas came to her, so she decided to go outside for a walk. It was 5 PM, she would still have several hours to get the painting done even if she went on a 2-3 hours walk. If that wouldn’t inspire her, nothing would. So she lazily got dressed. The walks always helped her. If not by giving her something to paint right away, they would at least help her relax and unfurrow her brow, which was sometimes all that was needed to get the creative juices flowing.

She was on the tram going through the orange light of the evening under the yellow leaves of the autumn trees. It was all very poetic. Even though she didn’t feel particularly inspired, the contrast between the dark blue pavement and the leaves was playing with her eyes. People had very relaxed bodies. Women in long coats were walking next to piles of leaves with giddy little children with their shirts tucked in holding them by the hand. A fat man, but fat with a big chest and arms, in the respectable way, with a big grey mustache, a suit and a hat on was waiting at the crosswalk. Next to him, was a guy wearing a track suit with the sides of his head shaven looking at his phone.

Kate In The ParkShe was at the park. It looked beautiful. No one had cleared the leaves on the walkways yet, so she was walking around kicking them. As the sun was setting it was casting shadows through the branches and the leaves that remained. Someone came running from behind her. He met with someone coming from the other direction. They both nodded at each other with a sheepish smile on their face. Kate wondered if that was runner’s etiquette or if they really knew each other.

The air was turning purple as the sun was setting. Kate loved the walk and she like to think that she was inspired. Sometimes all it takes is the right kind of procrastination to get you going. Inspiration is a weird thing, because the longer you wait for it, the longer it takes for it to come, so you have to nudge it and search for it and keep poking it until it pokes you back.