KarlKarl is the sweet and loving boyfriend of Katy. They met at school when Karl was training for basketball while Katy was doing a routine with the cheerleading squad. But the truth is that Karl had his eyes on Katy even before they got introduced to each other.

Karl was a transferee in Katy’s school and they have been classmates for a couple of years. He has always noticed how Katy is so nice with all the people around her. This made him admire her and have a crush on her. However, he fell in love with her when he heard her sing in one of the school programs. He fell harder when he saw how talented Katy is. That is when he decided to court her.

At first, Karl was anxious about courting Katy because she had so many tutors and admirers. He thought he didn’t stand a chance— little did he know that Katy really likes him too. Besides, their personalities complemented each other really well. So, after several months of courting and after meeting Katy’s parents, Katy said “yes” to him and they became a truly lovely couple.

Unlike most boyfriends, Karl is proud to show his love for Katy. He is a hopeless romantic and he shows it whenever he can, even when his friends tell him that he is so mushy. He writes letters for Katy and often gives her flowers.

Karl is a smart guy. He really excels in mathematics. However, he is most excellent in sports, especially in basketball. He loved to play basketball since he was a little boy. But if he is not playing basketball at school or at the court near his home, he is definitely jamming with his band.Karl

Aside from being a talented athlete, Karl is also a talented musician. He is a lead guitarist but he also likes to play the drums. He has composed many songs for Katy. He serenaded her in front of their friends for their first anniversary. They like singing along with each other and they are planning to record a song together.

Katy and Karl like to watch movies together. Their all-time favorite movie is Avatar. Karl says he is Jake Sully and Katy is Neytiri. He always says that they are meant to be together. Karl is also fond of calling Katy “My Princess” and it never fails to make her blush. Actually, she really likes it when he calls him that.

Karl dreams of becoming a basketball star or a successful businessman someday. But apart from his passion for sports and business, Karl is also passionate about food and eating. His passion for food is the first thing that helped him bond well with Katy. He likes steaks and burgers but his favorite food is anything that Katy cooks for him.

Karl is a decent, well-mannered, handsome young man. He gets along well with Kate (Katy’s best friend) and Katy’s family. Because of his good qualities, all of Katy’s loved ones are happy to know that he is Katy’s boyfriend.