Karl Summer Time

Karl Summer TimeIt was a very hot summer, but a welcome one. Karl was in his room lurking around youtube, after a long stretch of playing video games. He went from video to video wasting time. But the boredom was getting to him. There was nothing he could do, nothing at all. It was one of those long summer days, that felt endless and if left to their own devices would drag on for weeks. He had to do something, but what. Katy and Kate, and pretty much all of his other friends were off on vacations. He was starting to regret not going, but people have to make sacrifices for Gibson Les Paul guitars, and his sacrifice was going on a vacation.

So he looked out the window. It was literally yellow outside. He looked at the watch it was 3 PM. He would have to wait it out. And wait it out he did. He practiced on his old guitar, got bored fast, put it down and tried to read where he left off on The Foundation, and then got bored even faster. He played some flash games online, laid in bed for a while and finally found something to keep him occupied, reading through Wikipedia starting from Teddy Roosevelt and ending up at Johannesburg.

Karl Summer TimeBut 5 PM rolled around just in time, and he got on his bike and he went out. He had no idea where he was going so he just started pedaling. It was still hot outside and soon enough he started to sweat profusely. The streets where eerily empty, with cars rolling around every once in a while. But besides that, the streets were completely still. No breeze, no wind to roll around the leaves, no people to mow the lawns, no kids playing, nothing.

He was heading for the park because he knew of a good ice cone vendor there. He went through the park for a little bit and he saw one or two people there landscaping. This scenery was getting to him. There was a very eerie mood in the air. He needed to see some people so he headed downtown.

By the time he got there it was about 7 and the heat was letting off. Downtown never disappointed him. The streets were teeming with movement. He left his bike at a rack and was on foot taking in the sights. Maybe it was time for him to get something to eat. He found a little place that was selling deliciously cold drinks and chicken wings. Perfection. He sat at a table outside and watched people walking about. He then went on to a guitar store and saw the beauty that was the Les Paul. Before seeing it he had his doubts, but now he knew it was worth it. It was fate. Simple as that. The guy at the counter recognized him right away. It was the third time this week he went to see it.