Karl Night Out

Karl Night Out There were 30 seconds left on the clock and Karl’s team was on the defense. A failed pass later and they were on the offense. Twenty seconds left and Karl has the ball at the 3 point line. The score board is 38-40 in favor of the opposing team. A loss meant they wouldn’t go to the playoffs. A tie meant they wouldn’t go to the playoffs. He looked to pass, hesitating to take the shot at first, but realized that he was the only one to take it. He took a breath, took aim, and shot. He scored!

The team went wild. The coach went wild. The audience, well they were playing away, so the audience wasn’t so enthusiastic. Karl was shaking, he couldn’t believe it. The pressure he felt was huge, the fear almost crippling, and when it was all released, he felt a little light headed. The team picked him up and threw him in the air. The other team looked down, but they shook hand at the end of the game and went to their locker rooms.

The coach came in. He was a big guy, balding with a goatee, and very childlike eyes. You expected him to have a deep voice when you saw him, but he didn’t. It was almost high pitched. His appearance was comical at first, but he earned the respect of those around him pretty fast. And he was a damn good trainer. He knew his job, and when he became the coach of the team, he took them from underdogs to the playoffs in just under a year. But he worked them hard, harder than they ever worked before. Some guys didn’t make it, some gave up, but those that have stayed have learned what teamwork, hard work, dedication, loyalty and determination are. His favorite movie was Coach Carter, which incidentally was also his name.

Karl Night Out“Tonight, we’re celebrating. Go to your rooms and get ready, pizza’s on me.” They cheered Coach Carter’s name, and got to it. They were ecstatic from winning, but more than that, they were starving, so it didn’t take long for them to get ready. They met with the coach outside of the motel they were staying at and they went to the nearest pizza place, which oddly enough was sports themed.

Four large pizzas and several cans of coke later they were talking about the game, the season and the playoffs. The previous season was brought up, and each and everyone one of them was reminded of how bad they were. No one was spared and they were ruthless to each other. It was painful, embarrassing and very funny. Wouldn’t have been as funny if they kept losing, but now after all of the torturous training they went through in the past year, being able to laugh at the losers they were was one of the most satisfying things. They thanked the coach and resolved to buy him a gift, a nice watch maybe, as a token of their appreciation.