Halloween Playground

Halloween PlaygroundHalloween was right around the corner and Katy, Kate and Karl were planning their strategy for their next party. There were a lot of things to consider. First of all were of course the costumes. You can’t have a good Halloween without good costumes. But the ideas kept away from them. They wanted to go as something special this year. So there they were, drinking cokes and scheming.

It was the 28th and they had no idea what to go as. Many scenarios came into discussion. My Little Pony costumes were brought up, but Karl was not comfortable going as a Brony. Katy and Kate understood completely and didn’t insist. Twilight costumes were brought up, but it was done before and people would probably dress up as vampires anyway. So what, then? They thought it would be funny to go as Harry Potter characters with Karl as Hermione, but even though this was a way better prospect for him than going as a Brony, they still had the problem of being one of the three groups to go dressed up like that. Karl recently got into Pokémon, to Katy’s dismay, after watching a series of Let’s Play videos on Youtube, so that came up. It was given some serious consideration by everyone involved, but it was scrapped ultimately because Kate and Karl couldn’t reconcile on who would be Pikachu.

The 29th and 30th went by in a haze of caffeine induced jitters. Nothing came about. They had ideas, got excited about them, and then reached the disappointing realization that they weren’t great. They were sitting around the room, somewhat exhausted, somewhat demoralized. Acceptance was setting in. The road of perfectionism is a slippery one that has no end in sight, so with the knowledge that they tried their best to come up with a good costume, they’ve decided to go as the next best thing.Halloween Playground

But when Halloween rolled around, in a groggy state of mind, Katy was heading towards the shower. It was a good morning, no school, no problems. She was planning on eating some Doritos later during the day and watching some scary movies until she would have to get ready for the party. So she got in the shower, thinking about a weird thing that happened sometime in September, when she was at school. She had a weird feeling in her stomach, a feeling that smelled like oak. This reminded her of being a kid and meeting Karl for the first time.

And then it hit her. It just made so much sense, it was all coming together. Ideas were connecting and creating colourful explosions in her mind. Every costume they thought about was leading to this one. In one moment it all made sense. She had the perfect Halloween costumes in mind for the trio. She got out, brushed her teeth and then called Karl and Kate to let them know. They immediately got it, and came over to get ready. She thought it would be impossible, but it looks they are going to top the previous Halloween.